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Foshan is one of China's "Top Four Ancient Towns". The Ancestral Temple, a hallmark of Foshan, is thought to be the root of the city and the cradle of Lingnan (South China) civilization. Located at the heart of the city is a brand new world class integrated project called Lingnan Tiandi. Taking advantage of this unique development, the Group acquired a private villa residence that will be converted into an innovative 4 room boutique hotel and branded as "Lingnan Tiandi Mayfair Hotel Villa". Working with the designers that created the "Urbn Hotel" in Shanghai, the company hopes to provide this new lifestyle for out of town guests and families to visit and stay longer at city centers such as Foshan as an urban resort.
Lingnan Tiandi
Lingnan Tiandi - Marco Polo Hotel
Lingnan Tiandi - Mayfair Villa Hotel
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